Saturday, October 29, 2011

Taurus pedals case foam disintegrating (melting)

A short while ago, I opened up my Taurus pedals case to find that the blue foam that surrounded the inside of the case had started to disintegrate.

Blue foam sucky mess
 The foam had left a sticky substance all over the pedals, but the control window was tightly closed so I figured that any foam that entered the inside of the machine probably went through the foot controls or through the bottom of the pedals.

A few members of the forum indicated that the best bet for clean-up was compressed air, tweezers and distilled water. Isopropyl alcohol and q-tips used sparingly on the stubborn spots were also recommended.

I decided the first step was to get use my hands to get as much of the material out of the case as possible. Then, I moved the instrument onto the floor and used an old vacuum to suck up the larger chunks of foam stuck around and underneath the instrument.

But the instrument was still sticky. So, I found some household surface wipes and after an initial test to make sure it didn't harm the instrument surface, gave it a good cleaning. I'd say that managed to get out 85% of the stickiness.

After initial cleaning
Next - time to look inside. I unscrewed the three screws from underneath the pedals (I'm missing one) to open it up - and took a deep breathe. Lucky for me, it looks like the only foam that got inside were smaller crumbs that fell in when I tipped the machine on its back to clean the underside.

Taurus pedals - opened
Small crumbs of foam in corner
Moog on the circuit board!

Next steps will be to do another wipe down to try and remove the rest of the stickiness from the outside. And then, get those broken pedals replaced. 

But, its probably time to take the pedals in for a good professional cleaning at my local shop. That will ensure that no foam made it in through the top of the machine. 

At least now, when I take the pedals in, it won't look like a big blue mess.  My fix-it guy looks for any reason to yell at me.  :)

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